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past exhibitions

As the creators of johndoegallery, our artists provide the heart, soul and incredible talent to bring this event to life. Their dedication is unparalleled, and is easy to see by anyone who has the opportunity to experience this event. Read through our artist profiles below to learn more, and get in touch if you’d like to schedule a meeting.

Smiling Man with Glasses


Passionate Minimalist

Max Johnson leads the typically unconventional life of an artist. Working with a wide array of media and constantly pushing boundaries, this artist is known for breadth and richness in style and execution.

Smiling Young Woman


Traditional Innovator

As our newest addition, Jesse Neimus, has been a true asset and has contributed greatly to the success of johndoegallery. Although inspired by the mundane, their work could hardly be described as such.

Woman Artist


Mixed Medium Specialist

johndoegallery truly wouldn’t be the same without Drew Carlyle. With a successful career throughout many facets of the art world, their portfolio is surprisingly diverse but always exceptionally executed.

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