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Marianela Castro (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City. She graduated with a degree in plastic and visual arts from the National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Printmaking (ENPEG) "La Esmeralda" (Mexico City) in 2020.

Her work blends two-dimensional and sculptural supports, mediated by analog and digital production processes. It's a synecdoche of potential in a state of waiting. This type of art focuses on reviewing everyday events (as we cannot establish the unity of our fragmented thinking), creating tools of understanding to solve our own adaptation (without feeling the betrayal of what we believed we believe), the search for human order to position ourselves in the universe. Is history always a producer of ruins? This work is installed in the exhibition space as a statement: Between accelerations and rhythms there is a pause within the pause. When the machine stops and the world stops turning, we are left with memories. It is at this point where remembering can be doing and creating, stopping judging and establishing the limits of what has happened, and above all, overcoming the anxious and insistent sensation of defeat to press play again. Currently...

Darren Romanelli (born 1976, California) is a designer, curator, and collector whose work centers on sustainability and upcycling. For the past two decades, Romanelli has played a key role in merging art, culture, and commerce, transforming the way artists and brands collaborate to create globally inspiring moments. His roster of partners and collaborators includes Kendrick Lamar, Nike, Mickey, Coke, Modernica, and many others. Romanelli's work has been showcased at the Gagosian gallery in collaboration with Richard Prince’s Katz + Dogg brand, and he has also exhibited at the MOCA Geffen in Los Angeles.

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